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More Singapore

I don’t do well alone. And I spend so much time by myself. Last night we went to a restaurant by the beach that was not. Ty found it, but it had moved. But the mall location, although a disappointment, didn’t put a damper on the evening, because of the conversation. Ty Roberts founded Gracenote. […]

Chuggy & Warnock

One’s a promoter and one’s an agent. And I figured I wouldn’t learn a single thing from either of them. But I did. What I liked most was Neil Warnock saying they were in it for the long haul, unlike the labels. We’ve known for two decades the labels don’t care about longevity, but what […]

Long Beach Seafood

That’s where we went to dinner. In Dempsey. Wherever that is. It was an interesting posse. Put together by my old buddy Lee Trink, who worked with Jason Flom and then was a partner with Jeff Kwatinetz and now manages Kid Rock. Oh, we’re friends now. Bob may put on a lower class demeanor, but […]

McCartney On Spotify

Backstage at MusiCares, Scott Rodger told me McCartney had nothing against Spotify, that he just wanted to do it right, that they were EQ’ing the catalogue and when it was ready, it would appear. And that first was "Ram". Not one of my favorite McCartney solo albums. Not as much of a let-down as "Wild […]