McCartney On Spotify

Backstage at MusiCares, Scott Rodger told me McCartney had nothing against Spotify, that he just wanted to do it right, that they were EQ’ing the catalogue and when it was ready, it would appear. And that first was "Ram".

Not one of my favorite McCartney solo albums. Not as much of a let-down as "Wild Life" (I know, credited to Wings), not a tour de force like "Band On The Run", "Ram" was a disappointment when we were all paying attention, when we were finally convinced that the Beatles had truly broken up.

Sometime the solo debut, "McCartney", will get its due. Hell, just listen to "Kreen-Akrore". Never mind "Every Night" and "Teddy Boy". If released today, "McCartney" would be considered a minimalist masterpiece.

But "Ram"…

But, WOW, pull it up on Spotify! The remaster will blow your socks off!

I mean I always liked "Too Many People", but I didn’t love it, it wasn’t necessary, but all the subtle elements mixed with Paul’s voice will remind you why he and the Beatles still stand head and heels above everybody else. That acoustic guitar, but even better…the changes and the vocal. I never remember the album sounding this good. And I own the vinyl, and I’ve played it on great systems.

Music doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s just got to be RIGHT!

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