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We’re geeks! I just want to tell you a bit more about dinner last night, at the Marina Bay Sands. When I was in Toronto for Canadian Music Week, talking about going to Singapore, Neill Dixon, who’s the majordomo of that event, told me all about this rooftop restaurant, where they even had an infinity […]

Troy Carter At Music Matters

"You can’t skip a step." And that goes for jet lag too! I figured if I just put in enough hours under the covers I’d be peachy keen, but after enduring too many nightmares, one wherein my girlfriend donned a bikini and stepped out, I bolted up and descended the elevator to hear Troy Carter. […]


I was supposed to be here yesterday. Which in this case, means Tuesday, because right now it’s 8 a.m. Wednesday. Having completely confused you, let me say I was totally flummoxed when I showed up at the airport on Sunday night and they wouldn’t let me get on the plane. Turns out you’ve got to […]

Jagger/Arcade Fire-The Last Time

This was supposed to be bad. A tired rock star giving the middle finger to bandmates who can’t tour without him. But from the very beginning of the show, Jagger exuded a charisma and confidence that was incredibly endearing, even in the skits. Instead of looking desperate, he took the whole show up a notch. […]