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Bon Jovi Without Richie

If Sambora doesn’t matter, why not go out as a solo, as Jon Bon Jovi with unknown players and keep all the money? I know, I know, the show must go on, but really? It’s one thing if someone’s paying $3 a ticket.  You’re all in it together.  But at these prices, people expect the […]

The Royal Wedding

I’m watching it. And I’m just as surprised as you. I live in the U.S.  We recoil at the concept of royalty.  Wills is likable.  Kate is cute, albeit a cipher.  But I’m reminded of nothing so much as my own wedding, and the feeling of hope, of being completely in the moment, of the […]

The Voice

You don’t need a good voice, you need good material. That doesn’t mean a manager isn’t important.  With anybody but Irving Azoff, Christina Aguilera would have already been forgotten.  But he keeps getting her on shows, and it’s working for her here.  It’s not her voice, which is pedestrian in that it’s nothing special, but […]

One More Banksy Quote

"All artists are willing to suffer for their work. But why are so few prepared to learn to draw?" Banksy EUREKA!  THAT’S IT! I want you to read this article: A Star Is Made It’s a further explanation of Gladwell’s 10,000 hours thing.  Actually, it came out before, but it took Gladwell to popularize the […]