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Do you fit in? Do you have the answer to everything? Are you always happy, always on the up and up? Then “Atypical” is not a show for you. What blows my mind about Netflix shows is there’s no hype. That’s reserved for movies. Have you read the Friday arts sections in the “New York […]

The Irishman

I don’t get it. Film and TV still have not learned the lesson that the customer is in control. The record labels fought the public and then gave in. It was a tortuous experience, it took almost a decade, but now you can get all the music for ten bucks a month, advance hype is […]

Adam Alpert-This Week’s Podcast

Adam Alpert manages the Chainsmokers and runs Disruptor Records, a joint venture with Sony Music. Listen to how a whip-smart millennial has navigated the music business…from nightclubs to number one! iheart spotify stitcher apple

The Chainsmokers At The Forum

I’d go again. Isn’t that the main criterion? That’s how it used to be, the show was so good that you told all your friends and had to see every tour for not only the songs, but the production that you might not ever see again. And believe me, this show is about production. Actually, […]