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Peter Garrett-This Week’s Podcast

This almost didn’t happen. It was all set, but then Peter’s people said he had a hard out at ten to twelve and I didn’t think that would be enough time so I asked for an earlier start, and he canceled. Then I said the original start time would work and it was back on […]

New York City

There’s nothing like it! Although I’ve been all ’round the world and there’s no place I’d rather live than L.A. Sure, there’s the weather, but even more there’s the anonymity, and the phoniness, as a refugee from the east coast, it’s still refreshing, no one’s in my business and I’m not in theirs but I […]

The Debate

OK Boomer! Now that was a waste of time. I bet more people sat through Sondland than this dreary, mostly self-congratulatory so-called debate. It is not business as usual. Trump has proven that. So what do the Democrats say, what does the establishment say, what does the media say? Let’s go back to the old […]

Dance Monkey

Dance Monkey I didn’t know what they were talking about. Everybody in Australia was asking me about Tones And I. Why hadn’t she broken in America. After all, she had a billion streams! It became relentless. To the point where when I finally played the track I was unimpressed, just another poppy dance tune, another […]