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Manchester Minute One

I kept thinking of the Kinks song…it took me ALL day and ALL of the night to get here! Where it’s raining.  Manchester being Manchester!  The Seattle of the U.K! Fascinating flight to  Chicago.  The woman sitting next to me was a Christian.  We read about this shit, but when you experience it it blows […]

Made My Day

Well I know it sounds funnyBut I’m not in it for the money, no "Overnight Sensation" From: Eric Carmen Subject: Raspberries Hi Bob,    I’d like to invite you to the House of Blues, Sunset Strip, Friday, October 21st. Last November, my old band, the Raspberries, got together for the first time in 32 years at […]

Looking East

1 It’s 91 degrees in Santa Monica today. Live in Southern California long enough and you forget that elsewhere the seasons change. That as I sit here writing this the leaves in Vermont might be already past their peak. Actually, there was a dusting of snow last week atop Mammoth Mountain, only three hundred miles […]

Podcast #3

Bob Dylan. Needs no introduction.