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Power Top Ten

1. Steve Jobs It’s kind of like the Beatles, the best is the BIGGEST! Oh, there were people who hated the Beatles.  Then again, these detractors had the Stones.  So far, a Stones hasn’t appeared in the world of digital music.  Probably because the rest of the marketplace doesn’t seem to understand.  It’s all about […]

Back In The High Life

Well I feel so good everything is getting hotYou’d better take those ties off ’cause the place is on fire Dinosaurs are roaming the earth.  Everybody from the Eagles to McCartney is on the road for another dip into the cash jar.  And, make no mistake, these shows are nostalgia. McCartney and the Stones under […]

Telegraph Road

Jeff Rogers: Heard the Podcast and you sound great!  Congratulations! I am downloading Terry Reid live at the Bottom Line right now. I Have never heard him before. Also have you heard of Glide magazine.  On-line mag with some live mp3s. For the last week all I have been listening to is Neil Young at […]

iTunes Pricing

"jawbone" – verb attempt to persuade or pressure by the force of one’s position of authority : the Federal Reserve Board Vice Chairman jawboned the dollar higher by calling its recent steep decline a purely speculative phenomenon |  an analyst jawboning about the industry. (New Oxford American Dictionary via Apple Computer.  Yup, it’s right there […]