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Michelle Shocked

She’s mentally ill. That’s what they don’t tell you about so many of your heroes, the rock stars of yore, their hold on reality is very tenuous. I’m not saying that Shocked should be forgiven, that her comments were either valid or the right thing to say, but you must look at them through the […]


My mother went to Radio Shack. Can someone please explain why this chain exists? To sell substandard items to the ignorant? To be a reseller of perpetually behind the times Sprint wireless? Back in the sixties, when a storefront was everything, you went to Radio Shack as a hobbyist, to buy stuff to build stuff, […]


So you’re fifteen years old. You haven’t got a driver’s license, but you’ve got a computer, an iPad and an iPhone. Your parents insist you do well in school, you’re on the advanced placement track. Worldly in a way your parents, no generation was at your age previously, you see that we live in a […]

Rhinofy-I Won’t Hold You Back

Oh, I know, it’s not cool to like Toto. Just ask my buddy Steve Lukather, he’s gotten so much abuse he’s got a hair trigger, if you bring up the band’s name he figures you’re going to complain. But I’m not. Hell, I don’t even own a copy of “IV,” you didn’t have to! “Rosanna” […]