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American Juggalo

American Juggalo This ain’t Coachella. It’s not even Bonnaroo. We’re used to corporate sponsors, patrons staying in hotel rooms. Everybody in America is a winner, on their way up. But here you have an endless supply of what society calls losers. And they all seem to know it. This film is as powerful as the […]

Moneyball-The Movie

This film is so good, I want you to rush out and see it, even if you hate baseball, even if you’ve got no clue how many players take the field. Do you trust me? I guess that’s what this is about. Have I earned the ability to have you follow me blind, not because […]


Doug Morris changed the music business. Used to be artists were developed from the ground up. You found someone with talent, then you built an audience. Morris found people with an audience first. Common wisdom is Doug has been successful because he wrote "Sweet Talkin’ Guy", he was an artist himself, he knew how to […]


Everybody will say you’re on the wrong path. You have to decide if you’re an insider or an outsider, an innovator or a follower, a member of the group or a loner. Everybody wants something new. They just don’t know what it is. Established industries give people what they want. Up and comers deliver what […]