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Rhinofy-Five Summer Stories

I was in a ski movie. The best month of my life was spent in Mammoth Lakes, California, skiing every day during the month of May 1975. The season had not had an auspicious beginning. I’d broken my leg in a freak accident the first day out. But I recovered enough to hit the hill […]

The Hollies Movie

Graham Nash wrote "Teach Your Children", "Lady Of The Island" and "Right Between The Eyes" in one night. He was on tour with the Hollies, he was frustrated, he was sick of making pop music, he wanted to write songs with meaning…and these three came out. After the movie tonight, Graham said all we’ve got […]

One Way Street

Maybe it’s the weather. L.A. is hottest in September. It can be positively gloomy in June, overcast and cool, but in September, the sun bakes, and in October the Santa Ana winds usher in a season of wildfires. But the light is different. The light is fall, but the air is summer. And maybe this […]


"Ahead Rings Out" is not in the American Spotify library. Yes, my playlist this week included songs from Blodwyn Pig’s debut. Only one problem, that album is in the international Spotify database, but not the U.S. aggregation. Frustrating? You bet! I had to hunker down and compile a whole new playlist! But I didn’t want […]