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Jimmy In Rolling Stone

You’ve got to read this. Maybe Jimmy’s sick, maybe that’s why he’s taking this victory lap, because normally he works behind the scenes. Suddenly, he’s being feted at the Village before the Grammys, he’s in "Rolling Stone", "The Hollywood Reporter"? Really smart, rich people are not like musicians, they stay out of the public eye. […]

Rhinofy-Broken Barricades

That’s why I bought "Twice Removed From Yesterday", Robin Trower’s solo debut, because of "Broken Barricades". Who knew Robin Trower was such a hot guitarist in the mold of Jimi Hendrix? His work was buried in the art rock of Procol Harum until… "Home". I’ll admit to loving the title track of "Shine On Brightly", […]


It must be nice to be rich. Got that e-mail from a bunch of people re my Groupon rant. What is wrong with America that everybody boasts about being poor? I know, not everybody. Certainly not the rappers. And the Republicans. And you can’t get a peep out of the truly rich, they’re smart enough […]


You don’t want to look cheap. It’s one thing if it’s a straight transaction for a physical object, no service being involved other than ringing up the cash register. But if I’m at a restaurant, I’m not gonna use a coupon. First and foremost, when do you whip it out? You’re afraid if you wait […]