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Radiohead In Rainbows Is this real? I’m standing in Gelson’s, shopping for dinner, and my BlackBerry starts to go wild. All with the above link. About a new Radiohead record. Then I get in front of a computer and I read that there’s been a hoax. That the site purporting to count down to Radiohead’s […]

You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast

Do you like "Exile On Main Street"? Sure, "Tumbling Dice" was the single. A disappointing one at that. Indecipherable. But the double album was WORSE! It was like you were listening through steel wool earmuffs. One play through and you went HUH? But, if you were going to see the Stones, the first victory lap, […]

Neil Young Tickets

Did I miss a memo here? Or was I living under a rock? Has Neil Young not been touring for over a decade? Is he an unavailable recluse deigning to come back to society to let us hear "Heart Of Gold" one more time? Is he going to play the hits and only the hits? […]


Would this be a hit in an commercial? More importantly, would John Mellencamp have sold a SHITLOAD more records if his song had been featured in an APPLE ad instead of one for Chevy? Once again, we don’t have a piracy problem in the music business, we’ve got an EXPOSURE problem. Leslie Feist’s album […]