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More Stiffelman

Jim Griffin: No need to draw this discussion out via public e-mails, but it deserves another round. Put simply, what Gary acknowledges as a lovely notion is not a government-imposed music "tax" and is far more likely to happen than will customers accepting locks and keys on music that function as tethers. When the business […]

Note From New Orleans

Felice runs something called the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. Her number two, Tricia, is presently in New Orleans, visiting schools the Foundation has made donations to. I thought you’d find her report interesting. Felice: I just got back from an exhausting but thorough and very productive tour of St. Bernard and New Orleans. I can’t […]

Still Feels Good

I’m supposed to hate Rascal Flatts. I’m not exactly sure why. Are they too pretty? Do they not write their own material? Are they just not country enough? Back when we lived in one homogenous society, it was important to be hip. When you knew every record on the hit parade, even if you didn’t […]

Stiffelman Responds

I was pleased to see that my note provoked so much interest, as well _as some well thought-out counter arguments. Taking a few of these comments, I have the following words in response: First, however, I want to make sure we are talking about the same thing. A subscription service works as follows: a user […]