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The Metallica Ticket Fracas

I’m shocked, positively shocked I tell you, that Metallica was caught scalping its own tickets. What kind of bizarre business do we have where ticketing is opaque and every customer can’t sit in the front row for fifty bucks? Come on kids, not only does scalping your own tickets go back generations, it’s been proven […]

Feelin’ Alright?

Feelin’ Alright “Feelin’ Alright” is the song FM radio played first, this is the track that broke Joe Cocker in the U.S. “With A Little Help From My Friends” really didn’t supersede “Feelin’ Alright” until the release of the Woodstock movie, and its subsequent use on “The Wonder Years.” And Cocker’s iteration became so famous, […]

All Blues-Song Of The Day

All Blues – Playlist I’d never heard it before. Peter Frampton has a new blues album, “All Blues,” and although it went to #1 on the blues chart, that’s like being big in Poughkeepsie. But if it were 1969, this album would be all over aficionados’ turntables. Back when the blues still inspired the essence […]

Netflix Numbers

They’re killing the golden goose. Because price matters. Otherwise everybody would use an iPhone and a Mac, but Netflix is not a premium product, it can’t win appealing to a sliver of the public, it needs all of it. This is how the publishing industry killed digital books. Despite the hosannas of boomers boasting that […]