Medicare For All

This is why Republicans win and Democrats lose.

Did Republicans tell Trump his wall was a fantasy, that Mexico wouldn’t pay for it? Are they even countering his claim that China will pay the tariffs? NO! Because they’re united, all in the name of victory. Just ask Moscow Mitch. He keeps his troops in line. As a result the Supreme Court is controlled by Republicans. And there you have it, the most powerful man in the country is Mitch McConnell, and his wishes are enforced by the kangaroo court known as Supreme.

EVERYBODY, and I mean EVERYBODY, knows that Medicare for All is presently a pipe dream. It ain’t gonna happen right away, no chance, even if Democrats control both houses of Congress, which they won’t. But not only the other candidates, but the media, can’t stop attacking Sanders and Warren over this. The truth is people are afraid of change, and Bernie and Elizabeth are right, that insurance companies are built on not paying, just like Vegas is built on losers. If they paid out, they’d go out of business!

Of course Bernie and Elizabeth are right about health care, but it’s gonna take a while for the Luddites in America to be convinced. Furthermore, just like in Canada and the U.K., there will be private policies for those who can afford them. Hell, it happened in Canada because of a lawsuit, which would probably win in the U.S. too, all in the name of freedom.

And with your present private policy, you don’t get service, and you can’t see any doctor you want, you’re closed out from specialists, and this is what you want to maintain?

Ain’t that America, where everybody’s afraid of losing something, worried about slipping down the pole when the truth is the corporations and the rich are pulling the strings and laughing behind your back.

And ever since Judith Miller, we know the media is in cahoots with the politicos/power. Hell, check how much those CNN anchors make! As for the people at the papers, they get access, which is no different from being in the music business and getting free concert tickets. The perks are cash, sometimes taxable, but the IRS has been hobbled to the point where it can’t collect.

So you get two candidates standing up for the people and they get EXCORIATED! Sanders and Warren keep making points how the game is rigged, which Trump won on, and they keep getting blowback from those who control the game. The same people who called the 2016 election wrong. Do you think these TV talking heads or opiners in papers actually know the electorate? Of course not! They want to hang in the Vineyard or Nantucket as opposed to Mississippi or the burned-out burgs across this country. This is what income inequality has wrought. An elite completely out of touch with the rank and file.

Trump convinced people he was on their side, that he would fight for them.

And what does the media keep on saying about Sanders and Warren, the only two candidates truly leading the charge for the people? THEY’RE TOO RADICAL!

Sure, it’s a process, winnowing out the losers, the wannabes. But it’s already over, eliminate everybody but Warren and Sanders and Buttigieg and Biden and Harris. But just like in kiddie soccer, no one can be left out, no one can be told they’re a loser, everybody has got to get a trophy.

And the media doesn’t like it that the envelope-pushing ideas of Bernie and Elizabeth are not their own, even though left-leaning websites are all over these issues. Steve Bannon was recruited by Trump to speak to the right wing base and what happened? HE GOT ELECTED!

So let’s narrow it down to the real candidates and pick a winner early and get behind them. BUT NO! Even if Sanders or Warren gets the nomination, the left wing press will criticize them and amplify the opinions of others who do so too. The right unites and the left splinters. The Squad speaks to the youth, who will inherit the earth, and all Pelosi can say is they’ve got no followers. Huh?

Speaking of followers, the most powerful people amongst the youth are the social media influencers. Today it’s about a following, an audience, Trump knows this, he’s got zillions of Twitter followers and he uses his platform regularly.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are lost in the last century, believing it’s all about TV news and newspapers. Meanwhile, the younger generation partakes of neither. It’s all about on demand, when you want it. No wonder they’re disillusioned and don’t vote, NO ONE IS SPEAKING TO THEM!

But then you’ve got the old students of the game, triangulating, not realizing the game has CHANGED! Trump started a revolution and the Democrats want to counter it by saying they’re oppressed. Yeah…

You fight fire with fire. When they go low, you go low.

And no one was ever excited about the status quo. Which is always overthrown, have you heard of digital disruption?

It’s a battle of ideas, and right now the right is winning, because the left is paralyzed. And it keeps shooting its leaders, with good ideas. And lionizing those who broke the economy, and the regular people know it! That’s right, the media keeps trumpeting the efforts, the lifestyle, the RICHES of the titans, the bankers and the CEOs. Bernie and Elizabeth say they’ve got no loyalty to the U.S., working for multinational entities, hell, the rich stash their money elsewhere, and the media says DON’T UPSET THE APPLE CART!

There’s so much wrong with this country. The pay of CEOs, the low taxes on private equity and capital gains. And you find someone who augurs for change, who wants to lead the charge, and what do they keep on hearing…THEY CAN’T DO IT!

The same thing all agents of change have heard throughout history.

CDs are better than files and streaming.

Movies are better on the big screen.

Electric cars are a pipe dream.

Do you hear the younger generation saying ANY of these? No, it was the younger generation that was ahead of the game. The Wall Streeters see Tesla as a business, the youngsters see it as a huge leap forward, they want it to win, they don’t want to live in a world killed by carbon emissions.

Just kick it down the road. Have no dreams. KILL DREAMS!

If you don’t think Bernie and Elizabeth can win, you don’t know this country, not at all.

But their odds will increase if all you Trump-haters will get in line and fight for change.

Never in the history of the country has a party platform been enacted in its entirety. Never has a President delivered everything he’s promised. Why in hell are Sanders and Warren being held to a different standard?

Because the media and the fat cats don’t want them to win. They don’t want to admit society has changed and they’re losing power.

He not busy being born is busy dying.

P.S. As for taxes going up to pay for Medicare for All… OF COURSE THEY WILL, but you won’t have to pay for private health care insurance, it’s a net win, did everybody fail elementary math? But the Republicans have labeled all taxes as bad, so anything that resembles one must be quashed immediately, irrelevant of the benefit, irrelevant of the net positive. And yup, Bernie and Elizabeth were right, CNN, labeled as leftist by the Republicans every day, is carrying the Republicans’ water for them!

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