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It’s too late baby Now it’s too late Carole King Politics is show business for ugly people. And you’ve got to play by show business rules. Show business is all about preparation, getting the act, song, movie, TV show, ready and then marketing it so people will be aware of it and buy it. And […]

ODESZA At L.A. Historic Park

Evolve or die. I can’t go to see the oldsters anymore. I saw them when they were coming up, on the reunion tour and then the one after that…do I really want to relive the past that badly? Of course there are exceptions, more than a few, but I just don’t understand how the boomers […]

Re: We Built This City

From: mickey thomas Subject: We Built This City A Different Point of View I don’t engage in debates over the validity of “We Built This City” or any of my work. It’s not my nature and I don’t really see the point of it, but there comes a moment when enough is enough. It bothers […]

Luck’s In-Song Of The Day

Steve Winwood – Luck’s In YouTube Most people think “Arc Of A Diver” is Steve Winwood’s first solo album. But it’s not. But not only is this first, eponymous LP unknown by most, it’s not even on streaming services. Why, I’m not sure. But I purchased it, and loved two tracks, “Time Is Running Out” […]