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Murdoch/Dow Jones/Universal

Is Universal next? Dow Jones sold out to Rupert Murdoch because it didn’t have an adequate plan for the future. No way to compete with the behemoths on the Web. Oh, they had a pay site, with little reach, in a world where YouTube goes from obscurity to ubiquity overnight. Where MySpace garners millions of […]

Lips Of An Angel

This week’s episode of "Entourage" focused on Eric’s inability to fuck mindlessly, to do the dirty deed and move on. Can you do this? I can’t. I get emotionally attached. Hell, it’s hard for me to press myself upon someone if I don’t feel the connection. Maybe my father never led me, maybe I wasn’t […]


Just as I was firing up Rhapsody through my Sonos system to figure out exactly what the name of that Jeff Beck track was, I got the following e-mail: Hi Bob, Jeff always stands above the rest! He has notes nobody else can claim. But that is not "Led Boots"…. it is actually called "Angel […]

Still The One!

Whew! In the sixties, we didn’t go over our friends’ houses to play PS2 or Wii. We dropped by with cardboard sleeves under our arms, we were there to listen to music. And listen is what we did. We weren’t IM’ing, weren’t texting. We were sitting in front of the largest speakers we could afford, […]