Just as I was firing up Rhapsody through my Sonos system to figure out exactly what the name of that Jeff Beck track was, I got the following e-mail:

Hi Bob,

Jeff always stands above the rest! He has notes nobody else can claim.

But that is not "Led Boots"…. it is actually called "Angel (Footsteps)" from Jeff’s "Who Else!" cd.

Mike Hickey

I knew it wasn’t from "Wired".

It was from back in ’99. When Beck returned from the wilderness, after a plethora of albums that didn’t require many plays, and delivered manna to the masses, with "Who Else!"

You’ve got to listen to it. For "Brush With The Blues" alone, which I’ve written about extensively. As well as another female picker, Jennifer Batten.

As for making a mistake, rather than lay an excuse on you, I’ll just quote James Taylor’s "Lighthouse":

But just because I might be standing here
That don’t mean I won’t be wrong this time
You could follow me and lose your mind

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