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Little Big Town At Pacific Amphitheatre

So Felice and I are sitting with John McBride in catering, catching up. THIS guy’s a character. Martina McBride’s husband has got his hands in seemingly more enterprises than Warren Buffett. While he’s on the road with his family he’s overseeing his Blackbird Studios, where the White Stripes cut their last record, Clair Brothers Nashville, […]

467,616 Copies

Starbucks said 470,000. This is the actual SoundScan figure. After seven weeks in the marketplace, Paul McCartney’s "Memory Almost Full" resides at number 34 on the chart, having sold 20,097 copies last week, a 24% drop from the previous week’s total of 26,300. Is this a success? Depends on who you talk to. Paul McCartney […]

More Social@Ross

Greetings from the Disinformation Nation. Our broadcaster this week is Social@Ross, funded by Warner Music, telling us what a big fucking success their elitist concerts are. Oh, you read the reports, didn’t you? Utterfuckingbullshit. And for them to think that word wouldn’t get out. Another instance of the Internet ferreting out the truth. If those […]

The Patrick Goldstein Flap

What I love about old media is how clueless it is relative to the ways of the Net. Old media believes it’s the decider, that it gets to choose what the public needs to know, gets to know. Mainstream media believes the firing of the U.S. attorneys isn’t consequential and barely reports it. The blogs […]