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Missy Higgins

If only Kelly Clarkson had the talent of Missy Higgins. We want our artists to contain a spark. Something deep inside that we can touch and ultimately hold, bonding us to them. We live in a land of sold-out corporations telling us who to be and how to feel. And none of it registers with […]

The Prince Album

Today Prince’s new album, "Planet Earth", hits retail. Most Americans will never hear it. How do I know this? Because his previous album scanned 520,000 copies. The way it used to work was radio led the charge. You tuned in your favorite station to discover what you needed to own. But this paradigm ruled when […]

The Kelly Clarkson Apology

What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where acts apologize to their labels? We’ve come full circle now. From the acts taking control in the late sixties to the executives being the talent, believing they’re the acts. Oh, too young to remember the sixties? Well, one of the big advances was […]

The Teardrops On My Guitar

I love this record by Hoku. Wait, wait a minute, don’t disappear! Hang in there! Listen to my story! I’m not a dirty old man. Well, maybe I am. But the appeal isn’t Hoku herself, who is now on her way to thirty, but her record, not only her single, her whole damn album released […]