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Drake Dominates

He’s got the top 23 tracks in the U.S. on Spotify. Globally he’s got the top 17 of 18, only the deceased XXXTENTACION sneaks in and breaks up the hegemony. The future is here. We’ve heard endlessly about the long tail, but the concomitant reaction is DOMINATION! In a world of unrelenting choice, the big […]


Caliphate I was killing time waiting for lunch. I needed cash, so I went into the bank, which has been turned into an investment center, with armchairs and couches, so I decided to sit down and read the newspaper. Now if you’re reading the “New York Times,” you know they’ve got this new feature, where […]


Spotify (23,755,910 streams) YouTube (18,933,707 views) Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty cool to be on TV So all the folks back home can see me Podcast or music? I was hiking in the mountains listening to my library, all the tracks I ripped and stole at the turn of the century. Funny how our […]

Grammy Nomination Expansion

This is bullshit. The problem wasn’t that women and minorities weren’t being nominated, but that they weren’t WINNING! How in the hell is increasing the nominees in the top categories gonna solve this? It isn’t. It’s just tokenism. For an organization that is all about protecting the interests of marginal players at the expense of […]