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Steve Boom-This Week’s Podcast

He runs Amazon Music. The service which might get little ink, but is a powerhouse. Voice control is everything, and Amazon Music is closely tied-in to Alexa. Furthermore, when I asked how many people had an Alexa-powered device at the Music Media Summit, where this podcast was recorded, almost everybody raised their hand. One person […]

Fake News

We’ve got it in the record business too. Let’s start with the charts. WRONG! They exist for the producers, not the customers. They don’t calculate what people are listening to, not when there’s a formula of paid streams, video streams, sales and… But the bottom line is what is #1 may not be that big […]

Arroyo Seco Weekend-Day One

Hurray For The Riff Raff was a revelation. Jack White was an inspiration. Jeff Goldblum was a surprise. And Gomez was having so much fun you felt like you wanted to join a band. It’s summer in Southern California. But despite being the longest days of the year, it gets cold at night. For the […]

McCartney On Carpool Karaoke

One day Paul McCartney is gonna die. And we’re never gonna believe he was ever alive. We thought rock and roll was forever. And then David Bowie passed. Glenn Frey. Prince and Tom Petty. You’re getting the impression you’d better see your favorite classic act now, because they truly might not be around anymore. Not […]