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The New Yorker Prince Story

The Book of Prince I haven’t read about this anywhere else. I saw it first on “The New Yorker”‘s Today app. If you’re a subscriber, it’s extra info, to get you through the week, the viewpoint of intellectuals in a dumbed-down world. Of course, of course, “The New Yorker” is stuffy, self-important, self-congratulatory and written […]


This is what we called co-option in the sixties. It was the worst sin possible, to get into bed with the opposition when they offered a carrot stick, but not the whole meal. This is about money and fame folks. That’s one thing the NFL’s got, at least for now, cash. Did you see what […]

The Jeopardy Phenom

My favorite game show was “Kideo Village.” The junior version of “Video Village,” it aired on Saturday morning, along with “Crusader Rabbit” and “Andy Devine”…PLUNK YOUR MAGIC TWANGER, FROGGY! Boy did I hate that show. And there were no other choices. I’d sit in front of the TV with the can of Charles Chips and […]

Things Move Too Fast

“Leaving Neverland” is already old news. You know Michael Jackson’s handlers are aged boomers because they didn’t know you don’t fight back, you ignore it, and then people forget it. In today’s “New York Times Magazine” there’s a letter from a fourteen year old complaining that the paper’s list of “The Top 25 Songs That […]