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Ignorance Is Bliss

You don’t analyze the past to see how the future will be disrupted. The music business was the canary in the coal mine for digital disruption. First the industry didn’t believe it, then it said it didn’t make sense, then it tried to stop it and finally, after nearly a decade, it accepted it. And […]

We’re The Stars Now

That’s right, the hoi polloi, the supposed flyover people, the peanut gallery…WE RULE! And we have contempt for you if you step out of your lane. We may even have contempt for you if you stay in your lane! That’s what the billionaire backlash is all about. Stoking the starmaker machinery Behind the popular song […]


No one knows who anybody is anymore! My e-mail has been buzzing with the Coachella lineup. Who are these acts? Can they really draw fans, is their audience that big? Now Rage Against the Machine… They’re headliners, their reunion is news, but are forty and fiftysomethings going to Coachella? I don’t think so, unless they’re […]

The Kaepernick Shoe

What kind of crazy, fucked-up world do we live in where Jay Z makes a deal with the NFL and Nike’s Colin Kaepernick shoe sells out? One in which keeping your mouth shut for money is passe and being a member of the group is less important than being an individual. It’s the sixties all […]