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The Great Resignation

Vail Resorts can’t hire enough lifties to open terrain at their ski areas. This has become acute at Stevens Pass ski area, where forty percent of the slopes are not open, even though there’s plenty of snow. Turns out people don’t want to work for $15 an hour, never mind commute a long distance to […]

Everybody Is A Star

We’re in the post-internet era, What do I mean by that? The innovation, the bubble, is over. As for cryptocurrency, it took so long to mature that the governments are now involved, regulating or talking about doing that, whereas the goal of crypto was to obviate the need for banks and governments. Let’s see. You […]

Don’t Look Up

You’ve got to see it. Ignore the reviews. Ignore the fact that it stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence. Forget that it opened in theatres. Ignore its budget. There’s almost no buzz. But this movie is FANTASTIC! Then again, if you’re a Trump supporter… We haven’t had a movie that’s captured the zeitgeist like this […]


Chris Christie sold 2,289 copies of his book “Republican Rescue.” Now wait a second, this guy was EVERYWHERE! Does it really mean no one cares? I think so. But it gets worse…well, nothing could be worse, but… Billie Eilish sold 64,000 copies of her book, and Justin Timberlake’s “Hindsight” has sold 100,000 since its release […]