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1/6 Hearings

Conventional wisdom is they’re irrelevant, that they have no impact, cannot reach core Republicans, but that is plain wrong. This is a lesson in media most performers have not learned, even studios have not learned, even TV streaming outlets have not learned. It’s not about dripping out episodes once a week so people don’t cancel, […]

Ari Emanuel’s Wedding

“Page Six”: “People”:  TMZ: This is just plain ugly. Did Ari not consider the optics on this? You may be unaware, but everybody who follows gossip and WME’s clients are, and now you know too. So what we’ve got here is an exponent of the Reagan years, when it became all about […]

Musk Self-Immolates

And brings Tesla down in the process. By the time you read this, “The New York Times” documentary on Tesla will have launched on Hulu. But read here for the main takeaways: “Company insiders rip Tesla’s stance on safety in hard-hitting Elon Musk doc”: For months the story has been percolating in the press. […]


Free speech! That’s already out of the headlines, we’re back to Russia/Ukraine all the time. Did you know there were anti-abortion protests over the weekend? I only knew because of a very short article deep into the pages of the “Wall Street Journal” and a slightly longer piece in the “New York Times.” I hope […]