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The Death Of Pitchfork

This is not a harbinger of what’s to come, this is the last gasp of a dead paradigm. In other words, record reviews are history. We needed them. Because there was no way to hear most of the music. We needed guidance before we laid down our cold hard cash. And we got to the […]

Everything’s Inviolate

If I mention anything about Trump, I’m accused of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” from his acolytes. If I write anything about Taylor Swift, absolutely anything, I hear from her fans that I’m a hater. This is the America we now live in. Black and white. Or should I say red and blue. Everybody’s got a tribe, […]


I’m stunned how much feedback I got about “Killers of the Flower Moon.” If I’d written about a record I would have gotten a fraction of the responses. It seems more people are familiar with Scorsese’s movie than the music of Taylor Swift. Yes, Taylor Swift, our national icon, America’s girlfriend/sweetheart. I’m sure you’re sick […]

The Gary Gulman Comedy Special

Trailer: “Born on Third Base”: On Max. Does that mean you’re unaware of it? The battle is over and Netflix won, which is why other streaming outlets are licensing content to the behemoth once again. We live in an attention economy, and that’s the most difficult thing to do, get someone’s attention. And distribution […]