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More Chappelle

This is hysterical! My inbox is blowing up! I don’t get anywhere near this amount of response when I write about music. As George Drakoulias said to me on the Staples Center floor, he used to argue about records, not anymore. How did the cultural zeitgeist switch so much? Did music let us down or […]

The Chappelle Kerfuffle

It’s not going to hurt Netflix. Netflix is too big, too desirable, too embedded in people’s lives to be abandoned, to be canceled. In this way it’s like Amazon or Walmart or Facebook. We constantly hear about their deleterious effects, boycotts are initiated, but the enterprise is just too good, it fulfills a need that […]

Joyfull Parmesan Crisps I’m sick of the food I’m eating. We get it all via Instacart, no grocery stores for me! And even though we buy most of our food from Gelson’s, after eighteen months at home I’m burned out on essentially everything they sell. I’ve eaten so many Siggi’s yogurt/skyr that I just can’t eat them […]

The Twitch Leak

“Twitch Data Leak Confirms The 100 Highest-Paid Streamers”: Don’t get into music for the money. There’s just not that much. Which is another reason why there are no bands, there’s not enough money to go around. Best to cut your track on your computer alone in your bedroom, post it online and see if […]