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The Standings

I don’t know if the Dodgers are in first place. Actually, I’m more of an American League fan, I’d like to know where the Yankees and Red Sox stand, but I don’t know that either. And I know the NFL season just began, and I no longer watch because of CTE, but I do want […]


We’re watching a new English series, well an old English series, but I’m going to hold back the name, because if mention it I’ll hear from enthusiastic viewers about the plot, and this will depress me. So I was standing in the bathroom, this is where I do some of my best thinking. If you […]

The Oliver Anthony Response Video

“It’s a pleasure to meet you – Part 2”: This is the most rock and roll thing I’ve seen any white man do in the Spotify/social media era. It reeks of the Bob Dylan/Neil Young era of yore. However, both of them never saw a need to explain themselves. Dylan went on record he […]

Oliver Anthony/Rich Men North Of Richmond

WHAT WE’VE LEARNED 1. An independent is a Republican who doesn’t want to be seen as such. Very few people in America are truly independent. They almost always vote one way or the other. But they don’t want to be perceived as being beholden to a camp. Don’t buy it. You’re either a Republican or […]