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Red vs. Blue

It’s not politics, it’s cultural identity. I’d say this is why you should never believe someone when they say they’re independent, but this is a cultural signifier too… They don’t want to be aligned with either side, they want to be seen as independent thinkers, even though they almost always vote for one side or […]

John Seabrook’s TikTok Article

“So You Want To Be A TikTok Star: The social-media platform is transforming the music industry. Is that a good thing?”: And we thought file-trading was gonna kill the record business. Let’s be clear, the major labels will never die, because of their catalogs, which they wield with an iron fist, you cannot play […]


If this guy was white… Most people have no idea what goes on behind the records. Despite the braggadocio, the flash of cash, the actual lives of these rappers are not depicted. They’re in danger. In an underground economy. This is rock and roll in the old days. A cash business, but much more dangerous. […]


If white lives truly matter, why is Morgan Wallen still a pariah and Kanye West gets a pass? Maybe you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about. Maybe you not only are oblivious to Kanye’s “White Lives Matter” clothing, but his anti-Semitic remarks, wherein he said he was going to go to “death con 3 […]