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Mass That Is Not

Are you excited about the eclipse? I’m not. Furthermore, wasn’t there a once in a lifetime eclipse just a few years back? But the media industrial complex hype has been building and building and… Who knows, the weather might not even be good. And if you look at the sun unaided/unfiltered you’ll go blind, or […]

Caitlin Clark

This is the Beatles, not Taylor Swift. This is not a victory lap by a known quantity, this is something brand new, something most people were unaware of that will change the landscape forever. Let me ask you, did you know who Caitlin Clark was last year? Unless you were a fan of college basketball, […]

The Death Of Pitchfork

This is not a harbinger of what’s to come, this is the last gasp of a dead paradigm. In other words, record reviews are history. We needed them. Because there was no way to hear most of the music. We needed guidance before we laid down our cold hard cash. And we got to the […]

Everything’s Inviolate

If I mention anything about Trump, I’m accused of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” from his acolytes. If I write anything about Taylor Swift, absolutely anything, I hear from her fans that I’m a hater. This is the America we now live in. Black and white. Or should I say red and blue. Everybody’s got a tribe, […]