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The Emmy Ratings

Goin’ down…down, down, down, down, DOWN! As Don Nix so famously wrote. What did they used to say, tweeting would save event television? That live was everything? Utter hogwash. You’ve got to read the pundits’ comments on why the Emmy ratings tanked. The shows were too sophisticated, they didn’t feature meat and potato actors, the […]

The Ticketmaster Nightmare

“‘A public relations nightmare’: Ticketmaster recruits pros for secret scalper program” The pubic doesn’t understand ticketing. People believe they’re entitled to a front row seat for face price to all shows. Furthermore, they’ve been abused. They used to line up and now they’ve got to get up in the morning to find out they can’t […]

This Week’s Podcast-ME At The Capitol Congress

I was supposed to be the moderator. Every couple of years, when the schedule is full, when the hammer is about to be put down, Steve Barnett unites the worldwide Capitol/Universal team for a confab in Hollywood. With new releases by no less than Troye Sivan and Paul McCartney in the pipeline, this year’s Capitol […]

Lefsetz vs. Flom ON TOUR

Roll up for the mystery tour! That’s right, for the benefit of Mr. Kite there won’t be a show tonight, but starting in October there will be. From Boston to Toronto to Brooklyn to Manhattan to Los Angeles to San Francisco. That’s right, from Beantown to T.O. to the Big Apple to Tinseltown to the […]