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Speaking of Podcasts…

This is me. In Toronto. At the Ole studio. I just watched it. Which is painful, no one likes to see themselves live. However, contained herein is my complete philosophy on the music business, what it takes to make it, what is going on with streaming, as well as my top three live shows and […]

Kenny Aronoff-This Week’s Podcast

Yup, that guy, the one you see on seemingly every TV show, backing up every famous musician. But Kenny paid his dues. He grew up in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, he opines on Alice’s Restaurant in the podcast, and ultimately attended the Aspen Institute, Indiana University and was even a member of the Tanglewood orchestra. But he […]

The Cod Cakes

Felice is into delivery services. It started a few years back with something called “The Fresh Diet.” Little containerized portions of food, you were guaranteed to lose weight, and possibly swear off food all together, that’s how bad the taste was. Since they delivered every day, and sometimes we went out to eat, there were […]

Women In The Music Business

Do we want them to act just like men? Aggressive, cutthroat, willing to do anything to make it? Last Saturday I got into a discussion about a man in the music business. This woman deplored him, I had no problem with him. She said he told off-color jokes, I said men tell jokes like this […]