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Computerized Medical Records

How much privacy do you want to give up? I blew a high creatinine number. Unless you’re old, or approaching it, you probably don’t know what that means. It relates to your kidneys. Although in the waiting room at UCLA I was stunned by the number of young people there, kidney disease knows no age, […]

American Idol

It only works if you mint stars. The finale was the other night. Was it Sunday, or Monday, damned if I know. Then again, probably not Sunday, because that’s when the “Billboard” awards were, another sinking show, just check the ratings. Weren’t live events supposed to save broadcast TV? With their Twitter updates and wars? […]

Ethiopia Habtemariam-This Week’s Podcast

She’s a force of nature. This was recorded live in Santa Barbara at the Music Media Summit, more episodes from that conclave will be transmitted in the future, but first we have Ethiopia, who stunned us all, going from first generation American to President of Motown Records. Her name started coming up in conversation. First […]

Gang of Youths at the Moroccan Lounge

I didn’t get it at first. Geiger says the streaming charts don’t reflect the culture, Greta Van Fleet has sold over 250,000 tickets worldwide, but their Spotify numbers are anemic, by modern standards anyway. Danny Buch, a record guy, talks about the numbers done at live alternative shows, indicating demand, which does not show up […]