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The Curtis Sittenfeld Book

“You Think It, |’ll Say It” You want to read this. Ever feel alone, like no one understands you, like you’re an alien and everybody else is connecting but you’re not? I do. And then you meet someone who gets you… It’s always a surprise, it’s always when you’re not looking, you get into conversation […]

YouTube Music

It’s pretty cool! Lyor says he’s on the side of the artists, if one streaming service wins it will be able to crimp compensation to rightsholders, he says that’s why he took the job at Google. And we can debate Lyor’s motivation all day long, but the end product… Is gonna attract users. It’s personalized. […]

Gilberto Gil-This Week’s Podcast

You may not know him, but he’s a superstar in Brazil. He was exiled from the country, landed in London in the early seventies, and then came back to Brazil for his victory lap, further success and even a stint in the government as Minister of Culture. Now Rio is a dangerous place. You can’t […]

Tom Wolfe

“I do believe you’re writing the first autobiographical newsletter.” That’s what Tom Wolfe wrote me in the nineties, before the internet, before I became self-conscious about revealing my truth for fear of blowback. Tom Wolfe was never afraid. He threw bombs into the villages of conventional wisdom. He hewed to his own inner voice. He […]