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R. Kelly/Spotify…& Apple & Pandora…

The goalposts have moved. If you’d asked me about this a year ago, I’d be testifying about free speech, decrying Spotify, et al’s, moves. But as Bob Dylan once put it, things have changed. Yes, it appears these artists are being punished without being convicted. But this is no different from Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, […]

The North Water

The North Water: A Novel Read this book. You won’t know half the words, you’ll sometimes keep reading even though you didn’t quite understand what just happened, but you’ll be riveted nonetheless, I couldn’t wait to get back into my room in T.O. to dive into it, and I had trouble turning out the light, […]

Steve Lillywhite At CMW

He sells 600,000 CDs a month at KFC. Lillywhite lives in Jakarta, as in Indonesia, as in most Americans have no clue, even though there are 200 million people there. He came over to produce a record by Noah. Heard of them? I thought not, and ended up staying, after paying rent for a year, […]

Today’s Uber Driver

She was driving a BMW X4. That’s an expensive car. Let me look it up online. It STARTS at 50k. Why is its owner driving Uber? Well, maybe it’s not the person’s car. That’s right, I wasn’t sure whether it was a male or female, the name was VINEETA. But last night, the driver rented […]