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It doesn’t bounce like a tennis ball. I was supposed to see a legendary musician in concert, one whom I’ve never seen, who may not tour again, but I couldn’t pass up Lesley’s 60th birthday party at the Santa Monica Pickleball Center. There was going to be instruction and everything! But I wouldn’t know almost […]

Throwing Objects On Stage

This isn’t about violence, this is about power. It’s not the twentieth century anymore. And the media and titans of yesteryear and those following in their footsteps are ignorant and unaware. The landscape has changed. For all the doody about adoration of artists, more people now believe artists are no better than they are. The […]

Q’s 90th At The Bowl

1 The absolute highlight was Stevie Wonder singing “You’ve Got It Bad Girl” from “Talking Book.” History is wrong, “Songs In the Key of Life” is not Stevie Wonder’s best album, not even close, that’s “Talking Book.” The first step in the new Wonder paradigm, wherein he had total control over his albums, was 1972’s […]

Sinéad O’Connor/Randy Meisner-SiriusXM This Week

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