Kenny Aronoff-This Week’s Podcast

Yup, that guy, the one you see on seemingly every TV show, backing up every famous musician.

But Kenny paid his dues.

He grew up in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, he opines on Alice’s Restaurant in the podcast, and ultimately attended the Aspen Institute, Indiana University and was even a member of the Tanglewood orchestra.

But he turned down a seat with the the symphony in Jerusalem…

To play rock and roll.

That’s right, Kenny’s classically trained. He not only reads music, he writes out charts for every session.

So he got his start with Mellencamp, and was not allowed to play on his first album with the band, but… He’s responsible for the drums on “Jack and Diane,” from “American Fool,” the follow-up, Mellencamp’s first hit album, upon which Kenny played.

And when Mellencamp said he was retiring…

Kenny built a session business, flying all over America, playing drums on seemingly every record made, including those by Melissa Etheridge and John Fogerty, who Kenny is on tour with right now.

He tells a great story about being in India and making it for a gig with Fogerty the next day in Texas, there are a lot of close calls like this, but when you’re in demand…

And Kenny has the gift of gab, he tells a great story. You sit with him and he makes you his friend.

You see it’s all about relationships, and delivering when asked.

Kenny’s a pro.


Audio snippet:

Video of Kenny doing his slo-mo Dino Danelli

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