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Tim Hortons

That was a mistake. Because of sky high cholesterol, which is now being battled by Crestor, thank you very much, I see a nutritionist. We discovered that my cholesterol is mostly genetic, but we also discovered I’m insulin resistant. And I could explain the science to you, well, maybe I can’t, but the end result […]

Michael Cohl At CMW

He didn’t say a thing. Well, that’s not completely true, but he held his cards very close to his vest, and really didn’t show any. What did we learn? That he learned from the Sullivans you can charge venues to play there, as opposed to the reverse. First and foremost, Michael Cohl looks like a […]

CMW Crowdfunding Panel

Never send the B team. There’s a reason why Pandora is so successful. Tim Westergren. The company’s tireless leader is not only willing to show up everywhere, he’s impassioned, he’s a believer, hell, I’ve always said Westergren’s selling a religion, not a radio service. And that’s how I felt about Benji Rogers of PledgeMusic yesterday. […]

CMW Day One

Steve Lillywhite said Brian May is overlooked as a guitar great, that Clapton and Beck had impeccable technique, but May had an incredible sound! I may be too old for this. Despite all the hype that fifty is the new forty and sixty is the new fifty, if not forty five, despite all the press […]