"When one understands that consumers now spend more time in mobile apps than they do online (http://bit.ly/zrMv4F) Instagram’s value begins to make sense."

Social Networking Ends Games 40 Month Mobile Reign

This statistic utterly astounded me.

This revolution has been underreported, it seems only techies are in the loop.

In other words, we all ready live in a mobile world, it’s just the mainstream doesn’t know it yet!

Forget the Web, concentrate on the smartphone. Focus on ease of use on the small screen. Flash doesn’t work on the iPhone, if you’re still using it, abandon it today!

Furthermore, with every passing month, more and more we live in an iPhone world:

In other words, all those people trumpeting Android handsets are blowhards against the tide, just like those Microsofties pooh-poohed Apple a decade ago.

I don’t make the news, I only analyze it.

And he who rules the handset wins.

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