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Income Inequality

American Shame If only Steve Stoute wrote about this. America is number 31 out of 33.  At the wrong end of the scale.  The bottom.  With only Hong Kong and Singapore having greater income inequality. In other words, that American Dream you’ve been dreaming about?  Odds are it’s not gonna work out.  You’re gonna remain […]

We Can’t Make It Here

"We Can’t Make It Here" is the most played MP3 in my iTunes library. On this computer, which I purchased in late 2006, I’ve got 159 plays.  And since the track is 5:22 long that’s a little over 850 minutes of listening, in other words a little over fourteen hours. And that doesn’t include over […]


Come mothers and fathersThroughout the landAnd don’t criticizeWhat you can’t understandYour sons and your daughtersAre beyond your commandYour old road is rapidly agin’Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your handFor the times they are a-changin’* Today Apple introduced new MacBook Pros.  Which a large percentage of the public will never […]

Re-Aretha On The Grammy Telecast

Bob, For close Grammy-watchers, by far the most cringe-worthy moment of the show was not Dylan (weird for years).And it wasn’t the Aretha tribute.But rather, it was Aretha’s over-the-top left-field tribute to: ‘that Grammy Visionary, Producer Ken Ehrlich.’ Whoa? What the hell?  What just happened there?! Well let’s see.Back from death’s door, ‘Re looks 100 […]