Income Inequality

If only Steve Stoute wrote about this.

America is number 31 out of 33.  At the wrong end of the scale.  The bottom.  With only Hong Kong and Singapore having greater income inequality.

In other words, that American Dream you’ve been dreaming about?  Odds are it’s not gonna work out.  You’re gonna remain poor.  If you’re lucky, you’ll remain middle class.

I’m not anti-American, I just want a better America.  Where we exist in one homogeneous society. Where a whole segment of super-rich don’t fly in the sardine cans the rest of us do and live behind locked gates.

When I was growing up, anybody could do anything.  Save enough and you too could stay in the best hotel in the world.  If only for a weekend.  Now there’s a whole spectrum of life that’s been closed off to most Americans.

And sure, Steve Jobs earned his money, he made America better.

But tell me what those bankers did for us again?

There’s no change in Washington, D.C. because money owns Congress, and the rank and file have far less than the corporations, than the rich.

In other words, Congressmen are just like Beyonce and the rest of those hollow entertainers who will do anything for a buck, even play for the son of a dictator.

In other words, morality is for pussies.

It comes down to us.  We’ve got to institute change.  Because the rich like things the way they are. And if you think you’re gonna be rich, you’re dreaming.

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