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John Lasseter got fired from Disney. There are certain magazines in every shrink’s waiting room.  You can count on "The New Yorker" and "National Geographic".  And there are good odds you’ll see "The New York Review Of Books". Find yourself in therapy long enough, and you end up with subscriptions to these journals.  You’re sick […]

The Boy Who Knew Too Much

Most of my e-mail is from people hyping shoegazers.  White college graduates with thin voices supported by jangly guitars. And if I don’t like what’s being purveyed, I’m seen as being hopelessly out of touch. I’ve only ever gotten one e-mail about Mika, from an old buddy who told me his kids were gaga over […]

Lily Allen Takes A Stand

Why don’t we just turn over GM to the drivers.  Hell, I’m in my car every day, I know how to run Chevrolet! Or maybe cancer patients should draft the health care bill.  Hell, they’ve been sick! To let artists have the final say on file-sharing is like firing Derek Jeter and letting a fan […]

Live Nation-Club Passport

It’s too complicated. To endorse Club Passport would be equivalent to giving a thumbs-up to Microsoft’s Zune.  Sure, Zune HD is a good attempt, but it’s not going to succeed because it’s not what the people want! A season pass?  Great idea.  We discussed it in Aspen, Don Strasburg immediately sold some in Boulder.  But […]