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Heat Wave

It’s not like they didn’t warn us. Yesterday it was a 112 degrees in Portland, Oregon. But I don’t live in Portland, Oregon. Ever been in weather that hot? I have, in Sharm El Sheik. Back when it was still part of Israel, before it was given back to Egypt, when it was a tent […]

That Song About The Midway 1 Bonnie Raitt couldn’t break through. Her initial album was cut live to four track at a summer camp in Minnesota with Spider John Koerner and Willie Murphy. This was before record labels clamored for hits, they let you find your way, especially Warner Brothers. Also, people pooh-poohed AM radio. If you were authentic, […]

Fresh, Fried & Crispy People hate Padma Lakshmi. I learned this researching her after watching her Hulu food show, “Taste the Nation.” I highly recommend it. Padma travels across the nation to focus on specific cultures and the food they eat. Sure, she goes to El Paso for Mexican, in an episode entitled “Burritos at the Border,” but […]

Mr. Inbetween Now this was a good rec. A number of people e-mailed me about it and then I checked RottenTomatoes and the critics score was 95 and the audience score was 98 so we decided to check it out. Glad we did, there’s not another show quite like it. “Mr. Inbetween” is Australian. So there’s […]