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The Promised Land

1 If this were still the sixties and you asked me my favorite album of all time I’d say Jan & Dean’s "Command Performance". From the time I was a tyke my mother used to take us to Jennings Beach on Long Island Sound.  We’d pile into the early fifties faded green Chevrolet, I’d stand […]

Discovered On Sirius

"Blow My Fuse"Kix There’s a sound to this guitar.  Funny how everybody used to want to play an axe and now they want to rap.  Oh, don’t e-mail me about your kid/nephew with his Stratocaster and mini-Marshall, you know what I’m talking about.  Anybody can rap.  Maybe not well, but not everybody can play heavy […]

Fresh Asphalt

They’re finally paving the street. I came home from Mammoth two weeks ago to a note in my mailbox.  With a chart that was almost too much to comprehend.  Detailing the paving schedule for my neighborhood. They grooved out the street at the end of the alley last week.  You know what it’s like driving […]

My XM Playlist

Yesterday was Mike Marrone’s fiftieth birthday.  And he had the idea that I should substitute for him on the Loft.  So, when I was at XM two weeks ago, we created six hours of programming.  I couldn’t turn on the radio yesterday until about four, an hour after I started, but when I pushed the […]