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Song Of The Day

I hate Universal Music. Its brass is so BACKWARD! You can’t hear this track on MySpace. Oh, you can hear the demo. When will these fucks realize that locks don’t work, that they’re the antithesis of the Internet paradigm? That you have to make everything AVAILABLE! You’ve got to lower barriers. Maybe, like Google says, […]

Hits Sales Chart-Week Ending 11/26/07

1. Josh Groban "Noel" Sales this week: 405,375Percentage change: +77% Jew sings Christmas carols. Wonder what Mel Gibson would say about that? Did I miss something, or did Josh Groban actually have a hit? He may sing old fogey music, but young Josh is positively new school. It’s about HIM, not the songs. ANYTHING he […]

Van Halen At Staples

You didn’t have to grow up in SoCal to get Van Halen, but it HELPS! Van Halen wasn’t a band that moved to L.A. to make it. They grew up here! I never went to one of the infamous Pasadena parties, but I did see their moniker outside Gazzarri’s, at the intersection of Crescent Heights […]

The Perspective From The Bottom

Hi Bob- Please withhold my name if you decide to use this… Some of my friends were shocked after reading this article, but I’m not surprised in the least bit.  I had the "privilege" of being able to spend a few years working for a major label, and Mr Morris is just like everyone else […]