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Don’t think of corporations, the term has been bastardized to the point where it means anybody or anything that has risen above and solidified an audience. That’s who and what rules in the internet age. And it’s harder than ever to get there. That’s the untold story of the past five internet years. How we […]

ReCode To Vox

They couldn’t make it on their own. Walt Mossberg, one of America’s two most famous tech columnists, shot himself in the foot. He left the “Wall Street Journal.” They’re finding out in news what we already know in music, you can go it alone, the internet allows you to do this, but in a chaotic […]

The Children’s Crusade

I could not put this book down, I turned out the lights at 3 AM two nights in a row. Then again, that’s not much later than my usual bedtime. So the way I discover books is by reading the reviews and then going to Amazon and checking the ratings. I’m only interested in that […]

Robert Kyncl

He thinks curation is bullshit. That’s right, we’ve been hearing for years that the solution to the industry’s problem, what’s going to save streaming, is curation. But Kyncl believes it’s all about fragmentation, not curation. Let’s start at the beginning. Kyncl is a bigwig at YouTube. Google him. And like the musicians bitching about not […]