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Trump On Twitter

Jack Dorsey is standing up for all of us. In other words, Trump fucked with the wrong asshole. What was the Facebook motto? “Move fast and break things.”? The history of the internet is the techies do what they want and legacy entities challenge said change and in the middle of the argument, they lose […]

News Update

“The American ideology, on the left and the right, that props up inequality” The problem is us. This is the most important article you will read this week, assuming you read it at all. If I sent it to you personally, if you were the only one getting it, I know you’d at least skim […]

The Election

Trump has no intention of leaving. Every day I’m inundated with info from those on the left decrying Trump’s behavior. Hell, even today he refused to wear a mask at the Ford plant. Tune in Rachel Maddow as she scowls at the insanity. She’s positively right, but she cannot see the big picture. Trump ain’t […]

Sarah Kendzior

She’s nobody from nowhere. You’ve got to listen to this podcast “The Big Steal” It’s all about Putin’s kleptocracy. A reader recommended it. It’s about the transition in Russia from communism to autocracy, with a bit of supposed democracy in between. We keep reading about Putin’s crimes, but they never get any traction. I remember […]