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New York City

I just came back from lunch with Steve. L.A. is a giant suburb, that’s why I’m comfortable there, I grew up in the suburbs! You can own a house, have a yard and drive your car. Although I must admit as the years have gone by the traffic has gotten even worse. I’m now one […]


New York City, JUST LIKE I PICTURED IT! I made it back to Fun City babe, and I’m gonna be up all night. Remember when Stevie Wonder was on his hot streak, when he could do no wrong? I still think “Talking Book” is the best, and I seem to be one of the few […]

Airport Hell

The problem is you can’t get out! Now if you’re following your airline history, you know it’s a legendarily bad business. The runway is littered with bankrupted airlines, Pan Am, Braniff, Eastern…the list is endless. But now, but NOW, airlines are incredibly profitable, because they’ve figured out YIELD! Bottom line? Flights fly full. So I’m […]

Human Touch

I know this is the third missive today, I know this is too much, I know I’m going to have a net loss of subscribers, but… You have no idea how stressful and weird it is here. My mother is not good. Her mobility is extremely limited, her mind… I had to lift her up […]