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The Warren Analogy

She’s not using consultants. And she raised $19.1 million dollars last quarter, nearly as much as Biden and Buttigieg. Even more dramatically, she’s not doing the fat cat fundraisers and phone calls. How did she do this? Via message, via credibility, via eschewing the conventional wisdom. Message. That’s the song. It always comes down to […]


In case you missed it, and the point here is you probably did, the mainstream media has been debating the left-leaning Democratic Presidential candidates since the debates. The right is this year’s left. As in, they can’t really nominate one of these lefties, going on about Medicare for all and taxing the rich, and the […]

Earthquake #2

Shake, rattle and roll. We weren’t expecting this. Maybe an aftershock, but a whole new quake? Andy and Felice were talking at the table. I was listening. And then suddenly, like Carole King, I felt the earth move. It’s always subtle at first. And then you know what’s happening. But they didn’t. I said it. […]

The Earthquake

I was sitting on the toilet. Now you’ve got to know, it’s unlike any feeling you’ve ever had. Like I said back in ’94, you depend on the earth to be there. And when it’s not… It used to happen all the time back in the seventies and eighties. Minor shakes. 2’s or 3’s. If […]