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“And Tommy doesn’t know what day it is…” Actually, it’s Monday morning, 9:32 AM. Which is pretty strange, since I left L.A. on Saturday. I flew Qantas. Didn’t Rain Man say it never had a crash? Well, I think since then they have, but if you think your aircraft is gonna crash, you probably shouldn’t […]

The Seeker

“Are you Lefsetz?” First rule of meeting famous people… Never introduce yourself. It never goes well. They’re caught off guard, they usually have no idea who you are, and even if they do they’re flummoxed, you have to start explaining yourself, it never ends up good. What you’ve got to do is wait for someone […]

Ed Cherney

It’s in the luck of the draw, baby The natural law Forget those movies you saw, little baby It’s in the luck of the draw I first met Ed at Mike Greene’s house on June 5, 2010, I remember because it was the date of the Belmont Stakes, Ed wanted to know how I was […]

Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy Anybody who’s a friend of Peter Thiel is not a friend of mine. Well, not exactly, but what bugged me about the press for this book is that they neglected to point out J.D. Vance’s entrenchment with right wingers, as in this book was seen as an insight into the poor white underbelly […]