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Heroes Or Zeros?

The educated elites can’t fathom the pop stars. Built on an assembly line by multiple workers there’s nothing behind the facade and the music is formulaic. Meanwhile, the youngsters and the uneducated flock to these performers, what gives? The pop stars are aspirational. Their fans believe they too can become famous, can replicate the formula. […]

Music Brexit

We already had our Brexit moment in the music business, it was called Napster. The industry was coasting along on high-priced CDs and catalog replacement, with lowered-artist royalty payments to boot. But when given the option the public revolted against the one good track on an overpriced album model and stole the wares willy-nilly. What […]


It’s kinda like vinyl records. They make no sense, but there’s a vocal minority whose heartfelt desire is to jet back to the past. Oh, don’t get your knickers in a twist, put your emotions aside, I’ve got thousands of discs, and a turntable to play them, but I don’t, because it’s too inconvenient. But […]

Kanye’s Famous Video

Wait a second, isn’t music video dead? Didn’t it bite the dust when MTV went to scripted programming? How many years did we hear musicians bitch about this? They were completely wrong. Video is bigger than ever. And it’s in your hands as opposed to the gatekeepers’. It’s the same, yet different, as everything is […]