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Led Zeppelin IV

I heard “Black Dog” at Tony’s Pizza. I don’t know if students get drunk the same way we did back in college, when they lowered the drinking age to eighteen and imbibing was a novelty, when all we’d ever known was dope. We didn’t go to fraternity parties, the Greeks certainly were not freaks and […]

The Overwhelming Decade

There’s just too much of EVERYTHING! We’ve got the world at our fingertips, yet we know less than ever before, lack control not only of our government and society, but our personal lives too. We have fear of missing out, but we’re not sure what’s worth doing. The old admire the young and the young […]

Stairway To Heaven

So this is what it takes to get Led Zeppelin back together. I was getting worried, I figured this would be a slam dunk, that the jury would come back in an hour or two and let Robert and Jimmy off the hook. The fact that they didn’t showed they were thinking about it. That’s […]


It’s not surprising pop dominates. It is surprising it’s marginalized everything else. You’ve got to go back to MTV. It was a rock world. Disco made inroads but in a racist, homophobic uprising rock fans killed it. And then Bob Pittman and his minions declared MTV an AOR outlet. That’s “Album Oriented Rock” for the […]