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Re-Bud Prager

Bob: I am notifying you of the passing of Bud Prager in Montauk L.I. today, Monday Dec. 22/08.He died after a year long battle with cancer.Announcements and press release will be forthcoming, but the family will choose a later time at which there will be a memorial for Bud. He would not have wanted to […]

Bud Prager

Bud told me he cut the Scotti Brothers in on Foreigner, gave them a percentage from record one. He recited how he rescued the uber-talented Terry Thomas from a life of drudgery by selecting him to produce the reconstituted Bad Company. Bud told me how he convinced Atlantic to let his best friend Felix Pappalardi […]


Are today’s bands any good? The business is focused on these young "prodigies", like Britney Spears.  The acts are getting ever younger, and the rationalization is that kids buy music, and that anyone over thirty, maybe even twenty five, is too old for the target demo to relate to.  If you don’t believe the Jonas […]


In the cool of the evening when everything is gettin’ kind of groovy I didn’t think the Classics IV were cool until I discovered the Atlanta Rhythm Section had morphed from this prior group.  I always thought they were some studio concoction from L.A., not a real band, whose hits were written by committee by […]