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Robert Fripp-This Week’s Podcast

Mr. King Crimson

A Book & A Series

THE BOOK “Eastbound”: I loved this book. I’m still thinking about it. I’d like to return to the headspace I was in when I read it. But I’m not sure I can recommend it. You see it’s a translation from the French, and I’ve got to believe it could have been done better. It […]

Re-The Grammy Telecast

I also thought the Tina Turner tribute was terrible. ┬áit felt meaningless. And why Proud Mary? Why not simply The Best, a song she said she wanted to be remembered for the most- a song of positivity and celebration. Of course I’m biased. I cried watching Joni Mitchell. She was one of the reasons I […]

The Grammy Telecast

And the big winner tonight is…THE RAIN! You have no idea what is going on here, it’s positively apocalyptic, it’s supposed to come down for three days straight and this ain’t no east coast rain, it’s coming down like God and everyone in heaven is throwing down buckets. Did the rain play a part in […]