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Wynonna Judd-This Week’s Podcast

She’s honest, real and articulate. You want to listen to this, whether you’re a fan or not!

Emily The Criminal

Trailer: Aubrey Plaza is wicked good. Just a couple of hours ago, I was thinking how the movies are over. Except for the superhero flicks, because really they’re like series, you know, the Marvel Universe is like a multi-season extravaganza on Netflix. But the real movies, the soul of the industry, the stories, based […]

Black Butterflies

You won’t know where this is going at first. But by the end of the first episode, you’ll say “wow,” and look forward to watching the other five. Yes, there are only six episodes. A couple forty five minutes, but the rest an hour or so. So it’s not a huge commitment. But if I […]

Marshall Chess-This Week’s Podcast

Come for the Chess Records stories, stay for the Rolling Stones stories!