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Under The Bridge

Trailer: This is a really good series. You know I usually go for the foreign stuff, because it tends to be more visceral, it’s easier to lose yourself in the foreign shows, and we’ve been on a streak of international series that I don’t think should be your first choice if you watch what […]

Ed Bicknell-This Week’s Podcast

The story of Dire Straits from their one and only manager. iHeart: Apple: Spotify: Amazon:

The Movie Business

No one goes to a movie for the theatre, and all the innovation and investment has been on the exhibition side of the film business for the past two decades. And now the industry is paying the price. Also for being out of touch with the changing world. In all verticals, it’s about niches. Narrower […]


Re: Bottlerock-Day 3 Had to take a second to comment about the band Cannons (who I am not aware of) and their “live” performance not being entirely live as you mentioned in your Bottle Rock review. Thank you for calling that out. I have been on a soap box now for years about the massive […]