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Felice has been asking me every month, “When is ‘Ozark’ coming back?” They’ve got those preview issues in “Entertainment Weekly,” the newspapers, all about the coming books, movies, flicks and shows. And I don’t pay attention to a one of them. I just immediately throw them in the trash, I’m not looking forward to anything […]

Ignore Sunk Costs

Ignore sunk costs This is the best Seth Godin podcast I’ve listened to, because most people are uninformed on the topic. The question is whether you use the past to cripple your future, whether you can handle the feedback from your peers when you say you’re going in the other direction. It’s a conundrum. No […]


Cherry: A novel The Acknowledgements is the best part. You’re not gonna want to read this. Our country is all optimism all the time, except when it comes to the government/political situation. Everyone’s got hope, everyone’s a winner… But it don’t really happen that way at all. “Cherry” is a buzz book, but there’s no […]

Randy Bachman-This Week’s Podcast

Boy can he talk. That’s one thing Canadians and Indians have in common, they’ve got the gift of gab. I think it’s all those cold winter nights in the Great White North, as for Indians…I’m still thinking about it. We all know Randy, from the days of the Guess Who and BTO. But what I […]