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Bill Burr On Netflix

Bill Burr: Paper Tiger | Official Trailer | Netflix Baba Booey told me to watch it. The news has got me depressed. I know, I know, you’re overloaded, you don’t want to hear my opinion, I get that. But you’ve got to read this story in the “New York Times,” “How Florida Republicans Are Talking […]

Whitney Cummings-This Week’s Podcast

A tour-de-force, writer/performer/stand-up Whitney Cummings is whip-smart and quick with a quip. Listen as we plumb the depths of Hollywood, social media, her career, her personality, her personal life… iheart spotify apple stitcher

David Byrne’s American Utopia On Broadway

Is this the white “Homecoming”? Yes, Beyonce stunned Coachella with a huge production featuring the ethos and activities of historically black colleges. David Byrne stuns Broadway with a big production featuring the ethos of the Caucasian art school experience of the last century. Now the Byrne story is not new, he’s been trooping this show […]

Olive Again

Olive, Again: A Novel What if you’re just not that important? A tear literally came to my eye as I finished this book. Which completes the story of Olive Kitteridge, the protagonist of Elizabeth Strout’s book of that name back in 2008. Yes, they made a mini-series of that book back on HBO five years […]