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Hilary Says It Best

The Supreme Wisdom of Not Relying on the Court Hilary Rosen

God Says Nothing Back

The age of stardom is over. I was hiking in the mountains listening to XM’s Cafe on my MyFi and I heard one of those ethereal numbers that sets your mind adrift, the kind of music that was popular back in the early seventies but is completely absent from mainstream radio today.  I picked up […]

I’m One

Blake burned me a DVD of Tiger. Blake has Asperger’s.  From what they tell me, it’s a mild form of autism.  Struggling with social skills, his condition preventing him from filtering his comments, Blake is superior in narrow genres.  Like computers.  Blake’s a computer genius. Today I went to Blake’s high school graduation.  It was […]

More Copy Protection

Who has more power, the major labels or Apple Computer? Bottom line, is Apple going to play nice with Sony BMG, are they going to employ/adhere to the copy protection scheme the record label is now using to encrypt its discs. The backlash is just beginning. Now Amazon, which doesn’t sell a whole hell of […]