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You Oughta Know

Do you remember that Flea played the bass part on "You Oughta Know"? Actually, I’m not the biggest Chili Peppers fan.  I find Anthony rarely sings on key and their rock/funk sound…well, it’s not exactly my thing.  But I’ve seen them a couple of times, and when Flea stands there in his diaper, pulling the […]

Still You Linger On

ONE OF THEM IS ME There’s a girl I know so far away from hereShe’s got a lover, she’s got a friend and she’s got someone who’s always nearOne of them is meAnd I don’t know whoOne of them is meAnd I don’t know who Few people are unentangled when that spark occurs.  They haven’t […]

Jobs’ Speech

I knew Steve Jobs had eclipsed the technology sphere when referencing the speech below I learned my psychiatrist was intimately familiar with all the details of Steve’s life, when I seem to be educating him every session on the difference between WMA and MP3 and not long ago he thought Apple Computer was on the […]

Six Feet Under

So did you catch Illeana Douglas on "Six Feet Under" last night? God, HBO is in a funk. First there’s that unwatchable Lisa Kudrow show.  I mean do you want to watch Lisa Kudrow to BEGIN WITH?  I mean as part of an ensemble cast she’s a good diversion, but all Lisa Kudrow all the […]