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Trump On Twitter

Jack Dorsey is standing up for all of us. In other words, Trump fucked with the wrong asshole. What was the Facebook motto? “Move fast and break things.”? The history of the internet is the techies do what they want and legacy entities challenge said change and in the middle of the argument, they lose […]


It’s time for you to get on. Oh, I know, you’ve heard it’s too complicated, that it doesn’t really matter, you don’t need another social media network. But forget about all that. Twitter is the heartbeat of America. Actually, it’s the heartbeat of the world. And you do want to know what is going on, […]

More Quibi

They broke the number one rule of the internet. You start from the bottom up. Downloads are anemic, because most people are unaware of the product, all the hype has been in traditional news outlets, and the readers of those might have credit cards, but they are not the target audience for a service like […]

Jack Dorsey Calls

His “fund” is totally different from Zuckerberg’s. He did not do it for tax advantages. Jack said there were no tax advantages. And he draws no salary from either Twitter or Square anyway. You see the way most billionaires do it is they give the money to a foundation they control, getting a huge tax […]