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Don’t Change For The Critics

Only Trump has figured this out in the social media age, one with incessant messages, most of which go ignored. Used to be even if you were ultra-famous, you never heard from the hoi-polloi. The average citizen was a nobody who could only vote by consuming or not. Furthermore, there were few offerings, and real […]


Sprint sucks. This is how the Democrats get it wrong, ruling by theory instead of practicality. Sprint is going to continue to fade. What happens when it goes bankrupt, then is its spectrum auctioned off and ends up with AT&T or Verizon anyway? This is like Warner/EMI… The European Union and Impala were so worried […]

WWDC 2019

Software rules. And geeks have inherited the Earth. I wasn’t going to watch the Apple presentation. Steve Jobs is dead and the excitement seems overblown. But not on Monday. You see I didn’t like the news reports, they just weren’t in depth enough. So I dove in, I watched the two hour and seventeen minute […]

What The Web Has Wrought

First everybody played. Now everybody’s pissed. For years it was new and exciting. The connection of AOL, the gadgets of Apple, the social networking of Facebook and the arrival of the smartphone. The promise was an improved society, where we were all networked and all important. But it didn’t turn out that way. We didn’t […]