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The Apple Keynote It played like a commercial. Actually, the product introduction was not the biggest Apple news today, no, that was the security update, to deal with an Israeli snooping program that infiltrated your device without any clicks, without you doing anything. It could listen and see you and… The best account of what transpired is […]


The future will be fought on TikTok. Remember when those on the platform, completely off the radar screen, claimed all those tickets for Trump in Oklahoma last summer and didn’t show up? Not a single person in the mainstream media knew it was coming, none of them wrote about it, the intelligentsia WAS OUT TO […]


1 It was a musical turning point. I found out about the attack on the Twin Towers from Kate, she called and invited me to her house to watch TV, we needed to all be together. And then I woke up my computer. It was a Power Mac G4. I’d started with a Mac Plus […]

It’s A Team Sport

The oldsters and the wannabes are convinced that Spotify is ripping them off, when the facts say completely the opposite. But nothing can convince them otherwise. The most insightful article this week was in the “New York Times”: “Britons, Unfazed by High Covid Rates, Weigh Their ‘Price of Freedom’ – Britain is reporting more than […]