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From: Sechman Scott Subject: Re: Formula 1: Drive To Survive Bob, WTF? My lady subscribes to your newsletter. I come downstairs today and she’s in front of the TV watching this show. I was taken aback, as I have to force her to watch Angels games that are required viewing here in NC since I’m […]

God Gave Rock And Roll To You

Spotify: YouTube: 1 Many people believe this is a KISS song. Argent released two albums to crickets before they broke through. No one was waiting for the band, today they would have gone out as the Zombies, just like Led Zeppelin started out as the New Yardbirds, sans name recognition you’re starting at […]

Jonathan Taplin-This Week’s Podcast

Jonathan Taplin started out as the road manager for the Jim Kweskin Jug Band and Judy Collins and then he became the tour manager for the Band. Along the way he worked with Bob Dylan and the Band at the Isle of Wight and helped produce the Concert for Bangladesh. Subsequently, Taplin produced Martin Scorsese’s […]


Maybe the pendulum has swung too far. Data is ruining baseball. Turns out it’s best to only let starting pitchers go five or six innings. And have fielders adjust position based on the batter’s entire history of plate appearances. And since the pitchers are speeding the ball at 100 MPH consistently, the batters are employing […]