From: Sechman Scott

Subject: Re: Formula 1: Drive To Survive



My lady subscribes to your newsletter.

I come downstairs today and she’s in front of the TV watching this show. I was taken aback, as I have to force her to watch Angels games that are required viewing here in NC since I’m an Anaheim ex-pat.

I said “Why are you watching a racing show?” 

“Lefsetz wrote about it”, she replied. 

“I saw that he did…what episode are you on?”, I asked, expecting something like Season 1, Episode 2. (I mean, I am with her all day long except when I have a gig…of which I had two, this week).

“I’m on Season 2, episode 2”.

I was shocked. “When did you have time to watch 12 episodes?” 

“While you were at the your gigs.”

It’s like you furnished her with visual crack, Bob. She’s hooked on this shit. She won’t stop. 

I refuse start a series in the middle, so I am left to my own devices until she’s finished with it. Depending on how extreme her withdrawal symptoms are, she may watch it again, when I take on Season 1, Episode 1.

I blame you, dude.



From: Frederick Lyle

Subject: Re: God Gave Rock And Roll To You

Bob –

Back in 1984 I lucked upon a Russ Ballard song called “Voices.” I had the job to find and integrate the music played on “Miami Vice.”

Half the song was perfect and the other half felt like filler.

Emmy Award winning music editor (for this episode) Jerry Cohen, sliced and diced the track to fit the scene.

Don Johnson himself feels that the Russ Ballard “Voices” sequence was the best music segment we ever did on “Miami Vice.”

Thanks for filling in where Ballard came from.

Fred Lyle


Note: Watch “Miami Vice” segment:

Listen on Spotify: or YouTube:


From: Lizzz Kritzer

Subject: The Ignorant Pay The Price

Now you know 3 (couples who outlived their money).  Mom is 94 and Dad is 97….both will hit 100.  They ran out.   And I got stuck with the bill.


From: Tim Pringle

Subject: Re: The Ignorant Pay The Price

I can remember getting the polio vaccine in church when I was very young.  I’ve gotten a Covid vaccine and I’ll be 63 in June. My sister-in-law who is probably eight or nine years older than I am had polio. Her leg was horribly disfigured and she walked with a limp her whole life. I noted in one of your prior emails was is a discussion about the scourge of polio which is now for the most part gone due to the polio vaccine vaccine. I’m still shocked at how uninformed people are these days.


From: Mike McCann

Subject: Re: Personality

Hey Bob,

From the VERY small world file.

I interviewed Lloyd Price at my house in 2017. Why would the legendary singer, who lived in Pound Ridge (Westchester County) come down to Fairfield?

Turns out that he was an active participant in a Bowling league at Nutmeg Bowl, the lanes near the Villa Ave Stop & Shop. I’d spoken with him on the phone — and was planning to meet him somewhere near his home around the time his final album came out when he mentions that he kept fit by bowling in this league… When I heard Fairfield, I was pleasantly shocked. So, yes, Lloyd Price was a guest in my dining room where we recorded a 40 minute conversation.

A terrific performer and very gracious gentleman. I enjoyed speaking with him and seeing him perform at the Cutting Room in NY.

I wasn’t aware he was ill until I saw the obit late Friday night.

I’m saddened by his passing.

Mike McCann


From: Phil Brown

Subject: Re: Personality

You missed something very important about Lloyd Price: After getting screwed out of the royalties on Lawdy Miss Clawdy he owned all the copyrights on all his songs. Administered them himself, too. No publisher to take half.  Ahead of his time.


From: Garth Cartwright

Subject: Re: Personality

Hi Bob,

nice to see you honouring Lloyd Price’s passing.

Apparently Lloyd not only held onto his publishing he also owned his masters – at least the ABC ones (but he might have purchased his Specialty masters at some point, I believe). The publishing royalties off the 3 hits you mentioned kept him in real comfort – he lived in upstate NY – and allowed him to pursue all manner of business ventures (some more successful than others) and avoid having to grind it out on the Oldies circuit. When he did do a show he apparently did a good one – but he only performed when he felt like it. He put his business sense down to learning from his mother as she ran a fried fish shack and being advised while drafted to make sure he owned as much of himself as possible – someone in the military told him this. Lawny Miss Clawdy was one of those songs that presaged the rock’n’roll revolution – no surprise that Elvis, Little Richard and The Beatles all recorded it.


From: Robert D’Angelo

Subject: Re: Personality

I think I first heard the song personality at one of Marie Kauffman’s (Murray the K) rock ‘n’ roll shows at the Brooklyn Paramont when I was in high school. Performed live, no lip-synching with about $200 worth of audio equipment for each of the many acts.  I worked back stage as a gopher for $3.00 for a six hour day, but it was cash.

Subject: Re: Data

Hi Bob,

I notice this as I hunt for a journalism job too. They’re looking for people to write to SEO and trends, and while that’s good sometimes, it leads to a lot of lazy content out there. In my main fields of writing – music and sport, both things you mentioned – there are great stories that will never be told, because the data suggests no one reads them, which means no one will be hired to write anything than pieces for search engines. 

Samuel Draper, London


From: Jeremy Hammond

Subject: Re: Data

For good data – try counting the goosebumps….

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